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    I have just realised after being with Iconic Pro for over one month that my web traffic has dropped by almost half! Does anyone have any suggestions for what may have happened. I pruned some dead wood from the site – but thought that Iconic Pro being mobile friendly and fast loading would increase traffic not decrease it. Thanks for your help in advance. My site is


    Hi Shazar,

    Your traffic must already be declining before you changed to our theme so please don’t blame our theme. If you really think it is because of theme then simply revert back to your older theme to see if it is even theme related.

    Just in a quick look: From a page in your website

    Every article on your site is doing the same, so many similar keywords stuffed in tags that it is almost spamming.

    Our theme cannot magically de-penalize a penalized site for keyword stuffing which it appears you are doing a lot in your tags which is huge red flag these days in the eyes of Google. You must start work on cleaning your website asap.

    And as you might have guessed by now, it has nothing to do with the theme, so changing themes won’t help at all.

    This forum is for theme support only, please contact us via contact page if you need further help.


    Hi.. oh I was not blaming your theme.. I actually love it! But traffic was not actually declining prior to the change. I was simply trying to find out why it may have happened. when I made my site ages ago at that time keywords were done differently and I have not updated that aspect. so I shall try ‘unstuffing’ them and see if that helps!


    In your original post you also said that you pruned some dead wood, that would have also created a lot of 404s crawl errors, please check your Google Webmaster tools for these errors. Not to mention all the tags that you delete will also create 404s. You must set proper redirection for them too.

    And… sometimes it is just better to start fresh with new website, because Google may or may not restore your website to previous levels regardless of all improvements that you will do and it’s the brutal truth.


    oh dear I just cut a whole bunch of tags out.. and also I see on my web stats that I have a lot of 406 errors as well.. uh oh.. looks like maybe professional help required soon! Despite it all we still have a page rank of 2 so I think starting again from scratch is not worth it. Just continue to learn how to do it properly yet again! thanks for your thoughts.
    Any shortcuts to setting redirection for tags?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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