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    We have just uploaded a new Version 1.3 of the Iconic One Pro which is now available via the Member Area. If you are a Pro version user download the latest version by logging in here https://themonic.com/member-login/

    12/20/13  - Version 1.3
    * Footer custom text overflow fix for small screens
    * Validation bug fixes.
    * Responsive improvements.
    * New flatter mobile menu design.
    * Added New Page Template: No Title with Sidebar template.
    * Added New Landing Page Template: No Header template without sidebar.
    * Fully tested with latest WordPress version 3.8

    You can also reply to this thread with your feedback and suggestions for next version.


    downloaded and installed it

    still says :

    Current Version:
    Iconic One PRO v1.2


    The Current version display was not updated somehow we will get it fixed. You don’t have to worry though, you have got 1.3. To be sure check inside the style.css or in the WordPress theme details page in the WordPress -> Themes.


    How to update new version ? i dont see update button


    Is there any sample for the new version 1.3?

    I’d like to see the responsive improvements and the new flatter mobile menu design.

    Thanks for the update.


    Check out the live preview here http://demo.themonic.com/io-pro/, resize browser to see the new mobile menu design.


    I have made a lot of customizations to my theme. if i update, will they be lost??


    umerjutt00, I had the same problem. Yes, sure, if you changed the .php-files.
    I recommend using the “Compare” plugin of Notepad++ to point out your changes.
    CSS changes made in custom.css still work fine, just copy them over.


    Hi Support,

    Why can not find this new version after login.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)
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