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Okay, works. By the way, a little recommendation:

The G+ link under the article on the front page (not when you are on the articles site!) seems to always share http://www.domain.tld, not the article URL. I fixed this with by adding data-href on line 89 in content.php:
<div class=”g-plusone” data-href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” data-size=”medium”></div>
Furthermore the Facebook share-button is wider in German (“Like” vs. “Gefällt mir”). I changed “width:107” on line 79 in content.php to “width:117”. But I don’t know how it looks like in English now.

A problem that still resists is the translation. Like – in example – “Comments” on the front page. I had to change line 26 in content.php to:
<span>“><?php comments_number(__(‘0 Kommentare’,’themonic’),__(‘1 Kommentar’),__(‘% Kommentare’)); ?></span>
Else it does not translate to German, though it is in the .po file. This also applies to “Edit”, “Read More”, “Reply” and some other strings. Strange, but not critical.