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    Hi – I’m having issues with the slider showing on my home page. I’ve already tried to deactivate all 3rd party plugins, and reset slider settings etc as advised on previous forum posts… I have a number of posts with featured images set.
    Why can’t I get it to work!!!??



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    Thanks for responding.. this would explain why I’ve been unable to add the slider 😉

    I’m using the non responsive child theme, so have copied content-page.php and pasted code after line 9 (over typing previous code, as this still exists in parent theme…right!?!). Now I have a blank white area, ready for the slider, but still no pics.

    I have toggled between static/posts front page in theme settings and can see that the slider wants to work if my front page isn’t static……… But I definitely want to use the static front page option.

    I suppose the other questions would have to be, where has my page text gone? And are there more slider options, regarding speed, custom text boxes etc?

    Thanks again for responding…. K


    I am sorry but this will not work with that non responsive child theme because that is a very basic child theme for starters. Try the above code with the main theme without using non responsive child theme.


    Another Easiest way for you:

    Copy the “js” folder from the main theme and paste it in that non responsive child theme. It should work as you wanted.


    I tried both options. No luck.
    Ultimately I would like to continue using the non responsive theme, I feel it presents itself better on smaller mobile devices.

    I’ve copied content-page.php, inserted your code after line 9, and copied across the js file too. Not working….. 🙁


    You have to copy the “js” folder with files. Copying the files from inside the “js” folder separately won’t work. I have already tested this with the non responsive child theme and it is working.

    The end result would be that your child theme will contain a folder named “js” just like in the parent theme.


    This is what I did……..

    The JS folder, and files are in my child theme.

    Could you copy entire code from content-page.php for me please… I will create a copy of this and place within my child theme too presumably, NOT edit the parent theme php. Correct?

    Sorry for the enormous thread!


    You do not have permission to view this content.


    Also, it would be better if you try it after disabling third party plugins and later activate the plugins one by one.


    I see that you have now got the slider to work but your page content isn’t appearing. (Do not over write)

    Please note that you don’t have to replace or overwrite any code. Just add to the code. Your site is now using content-page.php from the child theme, it will now not execute anything that is present in content-page.php present in the parent theme.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 14 total)
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