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    hi there,

    How can i turn off the comments by ping on my post? i dont want viewers to read the ping comments.



    Refer these two images:

    disable comments-pings

    Now below the post editor you will see:

    comment box settings


    Hi i did what you told me to. but it still appears. it looks like this

    I want to remove this totally from being seen by visitors who visit the website. I have checked and unchecked the boxes yet this comments still appear. i do not want people to know where i backlinked and got ping from




    its still there even after doing what you taught me to do.


    Kindly post the URL in question here, also it might just be the website/browser cache. There is an edit link beside pingbacks, you can delete the existing ones from there. Also for the pingbacks to appear they must first be approved just like comments. So unless you approve the new pingbacks they won’t appear.


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    i was told i need to apporve pingbacks as it is important for page ranking. please advise me. Its still there for new pingbacks on other post.


    You need to delete all pingbacks by going to Dashboard -> Comments and then do not approve pingbacks if you don’t want to display them. Backlinks are important, displaying them on your page matter much less. Most professionally managed blogs do not display pingbacks as it just takes up space.
    If you uncheck link notification from here you should not receive pingback notifications too.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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