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    I am a new user of Iconic One Pro and I have a question. How can I publish the share buttons of the bottom of articles just on content page, not and on home page? When I publish the share button in Iconic One Pro Panel, they appear on the both page: home page and content page.

    If you understand my question, please help pe soon. My blog:
    Thanks! Cip


    I added plugin for share buttons.(It would be nice if the share buttons would not be the default format) This plugin is good because I have blog on subdomain and I can have a lot of backlinks to main domain.

    You can see here:
    Something like this social plugin would be nice if it had been integrated into the theme.


    @Pardauro If you want to show the social sharing buttons only on the post pages try the following simple edit.

    Replace line 76 of content.php with

    <?php if($options['themonic_social_share'] == '1' && is_single() ) { // display social sharing buttons on single only ?>

    All we are doing is adding the conditional && is_single() which will do the job.


    @Themonic-Support, thank you. It works.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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