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    I’m trying to get more content and layout control in the footer. The content area also ties to the footer question as well.
    I know zero about php and did not expect to need it due to the stated simplicity of the theme.

    Footer frustration centers around what appears to be the inability to create a separate menu in the footer for common footer items: Contact, About, Terms etc.

    This 1st site is being set up as 100% static, no sidebar.

    The best I’ve been able to achieve in the footer is the copy write section you have in place to the left and adding company name, address, and phone off to the right and change the text color. Anything else causes a mess.

    I intended to use a common type of footer that allows for columns, text links (acting as the menu navigation) simplistic concept example:
    ———————– footer ————————-

    Company Name Contact About Terms Privacy
    address City City City City City
    Phone City City City City City

    Copyright xxxxx company name
    ————————————-end footer ——————

    Failed attempted work around attempts:

    This also relates to difficulty with the main content area. The theme has no table of text box function which has created a lot of design issues. I tried using an html site builder to create a full width, single cell table with a version of my full width header as the cell background (pre uploaded image to the theme gallery for correct image url) I added all text into the cell with the intent to do the hyperlinks after this html was pasted into the theme. – a no go

    Tried adding a text widget into the footer widgets

    What do you suggest?

    Likewise I’m having problems with trying to get tables into the mail content area to try and get some page layout due to being a static page, no sidebar.


    Yes, simply use the text/html widgets in the footer widgets. To use those footer widget first activate the footer widgets area from the main settings in the control center. Then start placing widgets, you will have three columns in footer this way.

    You can place the menu in one of three footer widgets easily. Use Custom Menu widget for that.

    If you are trying to get columns in main content use any column shortcode plugins for layout.

    If you require custom customization help kindly contact us via the contact page with your requirement and budget.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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