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    my website not to be faster


    This file is responsible for social and profile icons, the full file size is only 29KB. As it generates font based icons there won’t be any speed issues because of it.

    To optimize for fast speed use the following info:

    Activate WP Super Cache and Autoptimize plugins and remove all other caching plugins.

    After activation enable them by going to their settings and enabling cache checkboxes to enable caching, read their docs if you are new to this. You should have 92-99 pagespeed score just by doing this.

    Theme is already pre-tested with these plugins and the live demos use these too. If you can select PHP version at your host then current best performance is with PHP version 7.2




    now how to fix
    Ensure text remains visible during webfont load on speed google


    Current implementation is already the best one.

    However, if you wish make changes


    You just have to add font-display: swap; exactly like above in line 4 in

    iconic-one-pro -> fonts -> font-awesome.min.css

    This will fix the error in PageSpeed but you will have squares before icons are loaded because CSS property font-display: swap; swaps with system fonts and there won’t be system replacement font in most computers for font awesome icons.



    ok thanks for help..

    now how to change font for mobile..i test already make change size is work but not for mobile phone


    You will have to empty mobile browser caching (history -> clear browsing -> cache) to see latest changes.

    for eg. in Chrome mobile you can also try in the incognito window, it should show the latest changes.


    Participant very fast response..i like the theme

    now i got 1 problem,,
    i use type adsgoogle responsive

    my google webmaster now got eror
    “Content wider than screen”

    i test manual your theme + googleads responsive on mobile horizontal.. is ok
    but if i change Vertical mobilephone, is not responsive..googleads still full width .. so template to be not responsive.. i got 10+ my post eror “Content wider than screen”

    how to fix that?
    mobile horizontal change vertical use adsgoogle not responsive..
    but if not use googleads is ok.. i don’t know how to fix…

    you have solution for responsive display adsgoogle?


    Test at

    if it is ok then you have nothing to worry about, you can ignore “Content wider than screen” it is false positive.


    If you are changing orientation of the page on mobile, horizontal to vertical then you have reload page for Google to serve ads again based on the current device width.

    Please send your URL for inspection if you have any further issues to [email protected] so we can have a look.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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