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    Last question for a while, I promise, I’ve only just started using/playing with the iconic pro 1.2 theme, so my questions and queries will calm down.

    The site I’ve purchased the theme for is going to have a “snap shot” taken of the theme with any changes made, eg: I’ve disabled comments on all pages with your help.

    I want to rename and hide all references to iconic pro from the public internet (not the user, so the actual admin content is not a concern).

    Basically I want to copy iconic-one-pro theme to snapshot-01 so that in the public html the reference to the theme is $WP_HOME/themes/snapshot-01, rather than $WP_HOME/themes/iconic-one-pro.

    As a follow up, I’m looking at renaming public references in the html to iconic/themonic named functions/objects, as this again, publishes the theme information to the public.

    I appreciate this is not going to be a popular post to make as it removes credit for the theme, but that said, hiding the theme information to the public site uses (not site admins) is a requirement.

    I can do the obvious steps of renaming the theme folder, and then a find and replace on themonic to snapshot-name or iconic/snapshot-name.

    Is there anything technically or from a license standpoint that would stop me doing this ? as I have no desire to break anything or break any licensing.

    this is not being done to take credit away and I’ll be happy to leave a credit note to the company in the code/css, however calling out the theme name/version in both the name and functions needs to be hidden to something generic.



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    great information that’s very very useful to know.

    this is not for an external client, however if any external work is done, on this theme or any other themonic themes I will %100 purchase a developer license, I’m keen to stay within any licenses, hence checking before doing any changes.

    this is for an internal project that will be externally facing, and hiding things like theme names to internal project names for security and internal modification tracking is something that I am trying to put in place for all projects.

    upgrading should not be a problem as I use version control and keep a copy of the modified version, unmodified and potential “new” versions so tracking changes and merging legacy customiztion into current code based should be tested before releasing. Appreciate the thought though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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