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    I have adapted the design with CSS according to my wishes.

    Now i would remove the labeling “sticky note” (in my language “Gesponserter Artikel” from my website, because the german translation is quite inappropriate here and it has no added value on my site.

    I have already changed and created some CSS snippets, but I have not found a solution yet…

    Can you give me a recommendation?

    Best Wishes



    Hi Robert,

    Please use the following lines in Customizer -> Additional CSS to hide it

    .featured-post {
        display: none;

    If you wish to change it in code, it is line number 13 in content.php replace the english term ‘Featured Article’ to your choice.

    'Featured Article', 'themonic'


    Great, thank you very much. Now I also understood even better how I can change other parts out of the php files with CSS 🙂

    Just for clarification for me. If I change the content directly in the php file, these changes will be overwritten by theme updates, isn`t it?

    I have not regretted the step into the Pro version. Thanks 🙂


    Yes, they will be overwritten.

    Also, there is one more option:

    “Gesponserter Artikel” if this is not correct translation you can let me know the correct one and we will fix it in the next version and you will not have to modify the file.


    Thanks 🙂

    “Gesponserter Artikel” in englisch means “Sponsored article”.

    I think more suitable would be “Gepinnter Beitrag” or “Angepinnter Beitrag”.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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