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    The latest version of the theme is 2.0.2 (I believe). Had trouble setting the menu background on http://www.4english.biz to show on highlight, but the bottom menu stripe and button color are still blue, not green.

    I have another site that shows the color choice without problem in 1.9.7 version. I exported the data (just in case) and added to the first site… still have the wrong menu color showing. The other site shows the correct colors, but this cannot be duplicated in the latest version. http://www.lookthroughthelens.com (it works right!)

    IOW, the menu color for site #1 still remains as blue in some parts of the theme regardless of which color you choose in the current version. What should I do?


    A new version 2.0.4 has been released today. Install and empty browser cache. Also, make sure you don’t have any custom CSS overriding main theme styles for the parts in question.

    -------------- November 25 2017 ----------------
    25/11/2017 - Version 2.04
    - Category button color fix
    - Added Jetpack email subscription styles

    Beautiful! Thank you for fixing it! It works just fine again! Like I said, it’s a great theme! Thanks to you for being so prompt!


    Ok, I just downloaded the latest version from Themonic, and then uploaded the version 2.0.4 to the first site, and it fixed the original problem. Then I uploaded it to my 2nd and 3rd site, and the problem isn’t fixed.


    I was using the color of choice #dd9933, but only the background is showing the color #dd9933 choice. The base color is now the old blue of the standard theme, and the stripe at the bottom of the menu is the same. I’ve emptied the cache and turned off all caching to make sure, and then emptied my browser cache… and nothing works…

    I’ve also saved the new color in the Customizer and in the Theme Customizer provided… no change either in the cached or uncached sites… Not sure what the issue is, except I’m running PHP version 7. Thanks…


    So then I tried my other site, and it worked without any issue at all… And it’s hosted exactly the same as Nozkidz.com so I don’t know what’s happening. I’m looking for solutions… Not sure if the element is being removed from the cache server properly or Cloudlfare.


    If it is cloud cached, it will fix itself automatically.

    Check your site here to see how it is rendered everywhere https://netrenderer.com/

    Currently there is no color issue on the latest version of theme.


    Ok. I think there is a caching issue, but in the site you gave me it renders fine! Appreciate the help, and great link!



    Confirmed. An issue with CloudFlare cache not being properly rewritten. Emptying their cache and unabling/reenabling it @ CF worked on each site that I had issues with! Thank you! 😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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