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    hello, I am not able to integrate any fb comment plugins on the theme…neither original fb plugin nor any 3rd party ones.
    Please, help.


    Kindly provide a download link of the plugin you want to use, we will check that with our test setup. However, please note that many third party plugins require setup and configuration and we do not provide support of third party plugins here.. kindly ask their respective authors.


    It is wp plugin provided by FB itself…it is called Facebook and contains all the available plugins like Like buttons etc. What I wanted to make on the blog is to set FB comments. They do not appear on posts regardless that I provided all the fb ids and secret codes they required. After that I tried other similar functionality plugins – FB comments – without success…
    The reason I addressed support is because I suspect there may be a problem to implement such functionality, but not a plugin. This is why if you could test Facebook plugin and it is does not work could you suggest any other similar plugin. Thanks


    Any updates?


    Post your question in that plugin official support forum here


    It’s not a theme issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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