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    I like the theme so far. The only issues I need help with is the them does not show in complete width (half of the page is blank) on my iPhone,

    In Internet Explorer the Nav bar is displaying vertical instead of horizontal, leaving a big gap at top of page. What do you suggest?




    I just checked your website with IE8 and it appears to be working great. Which version of IE are you using?

    For the iPhone width problem:
    1) Please check by uploading a small logo from the live customizer and then viewing on iPhone.


    I am using IE9. I uploaded an Icon, but it is not showing in my header. I don’t know if I did i right.


    Have a look at these screenshots from the documentation to setup logo:

    Online Documentation & Usage Guide for Iconic One PRO

    On IE9 also your website is looking fine, see screenshot below:

    Try clearing the browser cache.


    I’m also having display issues on the iPhone safari. It sometimes displays (when verticial), half of the screen only.


    On your site it is because you are using a very big text logo.

    We will look into this issue and most probably will fix in the next version release.


    The site looks great in IE. I am very glad other people can view the site the way it is. Can hardly wait for the fix for the iPhone. Thanks for the help.


    Is it possible to get widgets to show first before the main content in mobile mode?


    @Zeallous Please create a separate topic thread for your questions.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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