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    I bought the theme pro version yesterday and have just created a WordPress site with it. It looks fine on Mac and Windows on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet explorer. However on the IPhone the page is chopped in half an on IPad the main menu at the top of the page doesn’t show on Chrome.

    The iPad issue might be related to the logo I use but it is important to be able to use wider logos than the default one. The iPad issue is a mystery to me though….

    Hopefully you have some advise for me as this site will be released October 1.

    You will find my site at: fkhfred.se

    I would also like to suggest a few small improvement to your great theme. We would like to be able to use sliding images with logos on top of the page over the menu instead of the logo field, so the web site can look a bit different from time to time with images. Maybe there can be a setting of the time each images will show.

    Another wish would be a setting to increase the width of to a percentage of the total screen area so that more of the screen can be used.

    Thank you so much for your great work!
    Best regards from Sweden!

    Skickat från min iPad


    Hi Bengt,

    For the menu problem, I think you have not setup the WordPress menu yet,

    please go to Appearance -> Menus -> select primary menu and save. Now check, the menu issue it will be solved :). See the following image:

    iconic one menu setup wordpress 3.6

    With normal logos our theme works fine without any changes, if you plan to use bigger logos, paste this in the custom.css

    .themonic-logo img {
        width: 100%;

    Please let me know if it fixes your problem, feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.
    slider question: I could not understand it properly, do you want logo slider?
    width question: do you want to increase the overall width of site?

    Thank you for supporting the project.


    Thank you for your very quick reply!!!
    Both your hints worked perfectly… thank you for that! So now the site looks good on both iPad and iPhone….. As the page looked good on both Mac and Windows I didnt understand that the menu had to be setup separately as I just used nested pages. Now it is perfect ;o)

    slider question: I could not understand it properly, do you want logo slider?

    Yes, our intention is to prepare a number of photos with different background but with our logo on and width the full page width. That way the top of the page will be consistent with out logo but will look a bit more interesting and capture the interest of our visitors.

    Do you think there might be an easy solution for this?

    Best regards!


    Could you show me an example of what you are trying to achieve?. As it is customization and possibly will require some custom coding, we probably wouldn’t be able to help you much.

    Another suggestion for your site:
    Your Related post thumbnails are of different size. Use the following plugin to make them exact same size.

    Regenerate Thumbnails

    Docs: https://themonic.com/online-documentation-usage-guide-for-iconic-one-pro/#thumbnails


    Thank you for the hint about regenerating the thumbnails…. that was great!

    I will try to find an example of what I am looking for in the logo area. I do not think it is all that complicated if all the images are of the exact right size and format. I will post a link for an example here in the formu a bit later today.

    Thank you for first class support! I will definitely recommend your theme for others!

    Best regards!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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