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    Hey there – great theme btw, really liking working with this one so far!

    Question: I *really* want to use a child theme rather than the Custom CSS plugin. My client’s changes are pretty significant, enough so that I need to write/edit a lot of the existing CSS. The Custom CSS plugin is nice, but when dealing with large amounts of CSS it’s hard to work with.

    I’d much rather use my normal dev tools for editing CSS & work in a child theme to future proof any updating. I’ve got your child theme installed and am writing my new CSS in ../wp-content/themes/iconic-one-pro-child/style.css, but the styles are not being applied.

    When I take the exact same CSS that I’m writing in my child theme and paste it into the Custom CSS plugin, it’s applying right away – so I know my code is correct.

    Completely deleting the Custom CSS plugin is also not helping – whether the Custom CSS plugin is installed or not, my CSS that is in the child theme is not getting applied.

    Please let me know how to get this problem solved, I really would much rather use a child theme because I am going to have some minor edits in the header, footer and page templates that will require me to edit those php files.



    OK… by burying the empty custom.css sheet in the main theme folder, the theme force overrides any CSS written in the child theme with that custom CSS sheet, forcing you to use the admin CSS panel. Just deleted that, and it’s all good. I’ll need to be sure that the client knows this during upgrade processes.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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