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    Clean install of latest version WordPress and Iconic One Pro.

    All seemed fine initially but slowly started to notice issues.

    First the standard logo for the site showed as a missing image. Upon further use and configuration it’s beginning to look like many options are not saving properly.

    I’d select ‘I like rounded corners’ in the social section, the page would update in the preview but not save.

    Various oddities like this not saving, general WordPress functioning OK though, posts and pages saving so I’m fairly confident in the WP install.

    Please advise, thanks.


    Try the following:

    1) Disable all plugins and then go through the theme options.

    2) Options not saving can be due to incorrect permissions, for this simply ask your host to reset the permissions.

    If issue still persists, simply send email with login details to
    [email protected] with link to this thread and we will look into it.


    Thanks for the rapid response.

    There’s only one plugin installed: WP Construction Mode, I need to keep that enabled and can’t imagine it’s causing an issue?

    When you say permissions, you mean DB or file system? It’s my own VPS.



    General guide for anyone else having the issue:

    Before you go on fixing permissions we will need to make sure any plugin isn’t interfering with the live customizer. It doesn’t matter if you have one plugin or ten, steps are the same.

    First disable all plugins and then check the theme options if they are saving, if they are saving then it means some plugin was causing the issue, to find it simply activate plugins one by one and checking theme options.

    You can enable all your plugins once you are done with the theme options.

    After verifying the above and ruling out plugin issues, ask your host to reset file system permissions.



    I’ve removed all files and started a new DB.

    First time I did this I’d uploaded the zip file from a Mac – when it download from your site Safari unzipped it so I had to zip it again.

    Second time round I downloaded from your site using a Windows PC – it didn’t unzip so I was able to upload the file as it came from you… All working fine now.

    Sorry for alerting you and thank you for time 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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