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    am new to providing author images… how can author images be displayed etc?

    and where to upload to etc…. or link to…


    It uses Gravatar images, simply register at and assign an avatar to your email id.

    Online Documentation & Usage Guide for Iconic One PRO


    I seemed to have lost a post…

    Is it possible to use an author plugin that will use the images that authors have in their Google plus profiles and NOT avatar?


    I have established how to show images from gravatar and the bio… is this the only way to do it? or can a profile photo be taken from Google Plus?


    Yes, it is the only way. Google+ pic will be shown in the search results, while Gravatar pic will be shown in the Author ID.

    You can have the same profile picture in G+ and Gravatar if you want.


    I have registered to Gravatar anda updated everything at theme design etc. But my profile picture is still missing…?

    Pls look at my blog:


    I am sorry but to be able to assist you properly, kindly create your own thread.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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