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    Hi there,

    On my blog I only have two users (both admins) but only one user ever posts.

    When will you enable the author to be shown at the end of your post just like it is on your demo site with only one user that posts?

    Here is my blog:

    Gaming and Input Lag: What is it and why you should care




    On another note, how do I remove Google+ from the author page? Can we have instagram in the place of the Google+ icon?




    1) To show Author Bio:

    – Author must have filled bio info in their profile
    – All Author must have atleast one post assigned to them, you can assign any older post

    2) Google+ was replaced with LinkedIn in the latest version.

    Yes, we can add Instagram in next version update.



    It’s weird cause I don’t see a section under the wp-admin/profile.php page that states Google+ but on the author page it still has the Google+ link and logo.

    Here is a screenshot of my profile settings:

    Profile page



    Thank you for reporting this. We have released a new version 2.9.8 addressing this issue.

    Download from


    ————– December 04 2019 —————-

    – Version 2.9.8

    — Added Instagram in Author profile page
    — Removed multi author requirement to show author profile below posts
    —- If Author profile Bio is not empty author profile will show below posts
    — Bug fixes


    For your site only(as you are using a big description below title), use the following code to remove white space below the Site title

    Customizer -> Additional CSS

    .socialmedia {
        width: 25%;

    It will look like



    I’ll install it later in the day and come back to you. Thank you so much for supporting this theme and quickly addressing issues. It personally means a lot!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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