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i am trying to create a child theme – sounds easy but where is the wp-content/themes directory, is it in dashboard – having used programmes like sitebuilder i have no idea of wordpress and iconic one pro – but paid out for pro and bought the 5th edition of wordpress for dummies and the all in one wordpress for dummies, paid out for Wowslider (that doesn’t work in wordpress!) and so much for drag and drop to build a wesite (NOT A BLOG)

BUT 14 hour days with more to do !!! – I didn’t realise the complexity of it all, have posted questions and can’t even find them – let alone the answers
I am not a blogger, and have built 8 really nice websites in sitebuilder. Fix everyones I know computer but i can’t make a child theme of iconic one pro…
someone please explain (simply) – or can I just download one PLEASE and install it.