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Thank you for the quick answer.
What u mean under “install it as a new theme” ? WHen I unzip this childtheme folder, the main folder name is “iconic-one-pro-child” . WordPress is unabele to install (or detect) the content with this folder name as a new separate Theme, wordress handle it only as a childtheme.

When I copy the “iconic-one-pro-child” folder with all content to the “themes” folder, the result is the same, what I has made before manually: Copied header.php and footer.php from the original ‘iconic-one-pro’ folder to the child folder, plus style.css with the content ‘@import url(“../iconic-one-pro/style.css”)’;.

Now, when I make changes in the child ‘footer.php’ , cause no effect on the website. When I make changes in the original ‘footer.php’ file (in the iconic-one-pro folder) , it cause changes in the website. What am I doing wrong?

Thanx. Ervin