Iconic One – Fully Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Premium Quality Typography

Iconic One is a premium quality WordPress theme with pixel perfect typography that is pleasing to the eyes. It offers a great combo of presentation and functionality in a neat package.

Proper SEO

Iconic One implements proper SEO so that your content will rank high and is compatible with AIOSEO and Yoast SEO. It uses H1 tags for posts and page titles and doesn’t use headings in sidebar so that you can creatively use headings in your articles.

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Superior Responsiveness

Iconic One utilizes latest HTML 5, CSS3 for creating the awesomeness that looks great on every browser. It adapts to screen size on different devices be it mobile, tablets or desktop and is future ready. Check out the demo on different devices to get the feel of it.

Easy to Customize

Use the Live Customizer  to change the logo image, social bookmarks, background color, footer copyright etc., you don’t have to touch any code or login to ftp for the most needed customizations. Sidebar is Widget ready for easy configuration.

Super Fast with Great PageSpeed Score

Built to be exceptionally fast with PageSpeed score of 95+,  your visitors will be able to enjoy your content without waiting.


Current latest version is 3.2.1| Last Updated on June 20, 2024

Q )  Menu on mobile devices does not appear/ Menu not working on iPad?

A)   Select your menu as Primary Menu by going to Appearance -> Menus. If your blog is brand new then create a new menu and assign it as primary menu.

Q )  What are the Logo size requirement?

A)   You can easily try uploading logos of different sizes via live customizer, bigger logos are also supported. Logo of 187 x 54 pixel dimensions is used in the demo.

Q )  Homepage images are not showing?

A)   You have to set a featured image in your posts for the home page images to work. If you are switching from another theme, regenerate your thumbnails using a free plugin “Regenerate Thumbnails”.

Q )  How to change “Custom Text Right” in the Footer?

A)   This setting is present in Live Customizer, go to Appearance -> Customize -> Footer. Here you can edit both left and right custom footer text.

Q ) Theme Settings are not saving in Live customizer? Logo save not working?

A)   Simply Disable all plugins, change Theme Settings and then Enable plugins again.



Iconic One WordPress Responsive Theme is under active development, find the changelog below:

Note: The reporting guidelines for changelog were changed for the Theme Publishers on WordPress.org. Going forward changelog will be reported like below. Changelog inside theme will be found in readme.txt instead of changelog.txt from now on.

New update:

= 3.0=
* Released: January 21, 2024
* New mobile menu
* Twitter -x icon change
* Bug fixes

= 2.81=
* Released: July 30, 2023
* Bug fixes

= 2.8=
* Released: July 30, 2023
* Bug fixes
* Welcome notice

= 2.7=
* Released: June 8, 2023
* Accessibility improvements

= 2.6=
* Released: March 24, 2023
* Added styles for block search widget
* Fixed: styles of text description when not using image based logo
* Mobile style fixes

= 2.5=
* Released: September 16, 2022
* Mobile view now comes with Social icons by default
* Fixed: Added padding in mobile menu above sticky post

= 2.4=
* Released: February 2, 2022
* Menu bg color fix when hover child items
* Code cleanup

= 2.2=
* Released: June 15, 2021
* Content Layout Shift (CLS) update for PageSpeed score improvement
* Bug fixes

= 2.1.9=
* Released: December 24, 2020
* .webp image support, tested with imagify plugin

= 2.1.8=
* Released: November 6, 2020
* Updated screenshot
* Search button height fix

= 2.1.7=
* Released: June 29, 2020
* Backward compatibility for the new wp_body_open function

= 2.1.6=
* Released: June 28, 2020
* Fix: Empty line in extra-functions.php

= 2.1.5=
* Released: June 27, 2020
* Added Table widget styles
* Updated Social icons
* New: Full width images in mobile view
* Security update

= 2.1.4=
* Released: June 06, 2020
* Woocommerce style fix for single product pages

= 2.1.2=
* Released: January 17, 2020
* New: Added option to auto display the set featured image below post title. Available in Customizer -> Post Settings

= 2.1.1 =
* Released: November 18, 2019
* Fix: Image Captions alignment
* WordPress 5.3 compatibility

= 2.1 =
* Released: June 20, 2019
* Fix: RTL language style fixes

= 2.0.1 =
* Released: June 9, 2019
* Fix: Updated Readme.txt file as per WordPress guidelines
* Fix: Removed background shadow from nav bar

= 2.0.0 =
* Released: June 5, 2019
* Fix: Minor bug fixes
* Fix: Improved mobile responsive styles

= 1.9.9 =
* Released: March 29, 2019
* New: Added option to choose published date or last updated date in customizer -> post settings
* Fix: Minor below title meta style correction

————– 17 January 2019 —————-

17/01/2019 – Version 1.9.8

– Non clickable menu fixed in Full width page template (when using Gutenberg cover image)

————– 7 January 2019 —————-

07/01/2019 – Version 1.9.7

– Improved Woocommerce support
– Gutenberg support styles

————– 14 November 2018 —————-

14/11/2018 – Version 1.9.6

– New default Table style added

————– 17 August 2018 —————-

17/08/2018 – Version 1.9.5

– Updated comment section designNEW
– Sidebar line height fix for third party widgets
– Minor updates

————– 09 July 2018 —————-

09/07/2018 – Version 1.9.4

– Minor stylesheet bug fixes

————– 12 April 2018 —————-

12/04/2018 – Version 1.9.2

– Updated Google Font scripts.

————– 23 February 2018 —————-

23/02/2018 – Version 1.9.1

– Updated WordPress repo subject tags.
Note: If you are using v 1.9 you can skip this version.

————– 11 February 2018 —————-

11/02/2018 – Version 1.9

– Below title meta bar style fix for sticky posts
– Translation text domain fix in functions.php
– Minor style changes

————– April 2017 —————-

18/04/2017  – Version 1.8.2

– Display fix for Categories and Tags on home page
– Safari browser search button fix
– Assistive update – correct screen reader  markup

————– September 2016 —————-

01/09/2016  – Version 1.7.8

– Added WooCommerce SupportNEW
– WordPress Repo Tags updated

————– August 2016 —————-

23/08/2016  – Version 1.7.7

– Minor translation fix
– Removed hfeed class from header

————– July 2016 —————-

24/07/2016 – Version 1.7.6

– Added structured data support for Author and Date markup – It will fix the error in Google Webmaster ToolsNEW
– Excerpts now enabled by default for archives
– Fixed Margin issues around site container when background color is left empty or white

06/07/2016 – Version 1.7.5

* Setting Excerpts to default on home like before for existing users. Last commit didn’t work as expected.

05/07/2016 – Version 1.7.4

* Setting Excerpts to default on home like before in v1.7.3

03/07/2016 – Version 1.7.3

* Added Post Setting options for full posts on home and Date Meta bar in Live customizerNEW
* Added option to hide category and tags on home pageNEW
* Header Description area will hide if empty without leaving empty space
* Removed outdated hgroup from header when using text heading title

————– June 2016 —————-


* Title Tag Support For Latest WordPress 4.1 and above


* Fixed Full Width Page Template right border
* Fixed top margin when background is white
* Changed files – Style.css

————– May 2016 —————-


* Responsive and Mobile view improvement
* Minor Code updates
* Default Copyright text updated to 2016

————– March 2016 —————-


* Style fix – Read More changed to inline-block
* Removed image shadow

————– January 2016 —————-

22/01/16  – Iconic One Version 1.4.9

* Mobile menu fix – mobile menu will work even if Menu isn’t set to Primary
* Sub-menu fix

01/01/16  – Iconic One Version 1.4.8

* Fixed the minor translation Warning caused by the latest Theme Check plugin update.

————– November 2015 —————-

11/15/15  – Iconic One Version 1.4.7

* Updated Scripts
* Fixed Jetpack Top Posts Widget styling issue.
* Minor style improvements

————– July 2015 —————-

07/02/15  – Iconic One Version 1.4.6

* Improved Right to Left Language support

————– April 2015 —————-

04/04/15  – Iconic One Version 1.4.5

* Translations: Regenerated .pot file with missing translations
* Improved comments: Comments content will now start below the user instead of on the right

————– January 2015 —————-

01/07/15 – Iconic One Version 1.4.4

* Made Excerpt Read More pluggable for child themes, you can now change read more text in a child theme
* Removed sidebar active menu bg color
* Added sanitization to the customizer functions (for improved security)

————– August 2014 —————-

08/10/14  – Iconic One Version 1.4.3

* Added Read More button after excerpts
* Code improvements
* Selective Social icons, Social icons will now hide if URL left empty

————– May 2014 —————-

05/03/14  – Iconic One Version 1.4.2

* Made excerpt thumbnail function pluggable, can now be overridden in child themes
* Small sidebar width adjustment to fit 300px Advertisements

————– April 2014 —————-

04/15/14  – Version 1.4.1

* Added support for Jetpack popular post widget
* Minor CSS style changes
* Search widget improvement

04/04/14  – Version 1.4

* Removed stray span tag from content.php
* Removed background color of <ins> tag, no more yellow background behind ads
* Link color in posts is blue now instead of black
* Home page title is now <H2> as per popular request, no change in single post pages
* Added link to theme page where FAQs are being maintained

————– December 2013 —————-

12/14/13  – Version 1.3.1

* Changed tag to fuild layout as per WordPress 3.8
* Small CSS bug fixes

12/14/13  – Version 1.3

* Theme start page made compatible with WordPress 3.8
* Footer Fix for large text in the footer boxes
* Logo responsiveness fix in case of big logos
* Header area fixes in mobile view
* Better and wide mobile menu
* Much improved display compatibility on Internet Explorer, based on user feedback
* Updated start page with pro version details

————– August 2013 —————-

08/27/13  – Version 1.2.3

* Minor Header Logo text and description style changes, can be seen when logo is yet to be uploaded.
* Removed the extra @custom.css import from style.css
* Added iconic-one.pot file in /language folder for worldwide translation with a mini tutorial in the same folder.
* Removed the weird looking active page background color from the sidebar

08/18/13  – Version

* Better styling for below title meta.
* Removed current page highlight from the sidebar.

08/02/13  –  Version

* Minor Search bar responsiveness margin fix at width below 1040px.
* Tested with WordPress version 3.6.

————– JULY 2013 —————-

07/30/13  – Version 1.2.1

* Urgent update due to extra </div> in the footer from the last update 1.2, it broke the footer completely.
* Replaced Category with pages in sidebar if no widgets are defined.

07/30/13  –  Version 1.2

* Header width now Auto – Big Logos won’t break the header.
* Removed left-right border from sidebar elements.
* Better looking sidebar search bar.
* Sidebar will now show nice looking search bar, recent posts, categories and tag cloud if no widgets are defined.
* Added live customizer link in the Appearance menu for ease of access.
* Minor Options page style change.

07/28/13  – Version

* The Responsive Menu no longer requires setup, Iconic One menu responsiveness will now work automagically.
* Nav menu <li> improvement, removed the background color for child hover.
* Changelog.txt is now included.

07/24/13 – Version 1.1.1

* Minor menu style changes.

07/13/13 – Version 1.1

* Initial public release!


User Reviews

Check out what our happy users are saying:

Very sharp looking, and incredibly intuitive navigation menu to setup the theme. The navigation menu makes setup fast and simple. Not something I have seen before with free themes. – By   jhazani

A really decent theme, easy to setup, customize and does what it says on the tin.
Nice work! – By Warren

I don’t usually leave reviews for templates but I felt I had to tell the creators well done for there excellent work. Perfectly designed, Easy to use, Great SEO and prompt helpful support. Top Marks! – By Hitksolutions

Probably one of the best free themes out there, not because of its features but because of the simplicity and effectiveness! Also a nice base for child themes! – Bychristoschiotis

Awesome Theme. The support is excellent. Great Job! – By Moshyi

You can find the above reviews and even more of our happy users at: http://wordpress.org/support/view/theme-reviews/iconic-one


How To

Customize Iconic One further using the following codes:

How to change Nav bar color?
First part is for blue bar and second part for menu item hover

.themonic-nav ul.nav-menu, .themonic-nav div.nav-menu > ul {
    border-bottom: 5px solid #000000;
.themonic-nav li a:hover {
    background: #000000;
    color: #ffffff;

If you upgrade to Pro version you do not need the above as it has Color Picker for easy changing of colors.

How to change Search widget background?

#searchsubmit {
    background: #000000;

How to change site width?

.site {
    max-width: 1140px;

How to change width of content and sidebar containers?
The code below will increase sidebar size by 2%.

.site-content {
    width: 61.2%;
.widget-area {
    width: 30.7%;

Use these codes in Additional CSS section in live customizer or Iconic One child theme, the latter is recommended as you can safely update your theme without affecting your customization changes.

Make sure you empty browser cache to reflect the most recent CSS customization. Temporary disable caching plugins too when you are customizing your site to view immediate visible changes.

Child Theme

Do you want a simple starter child theme for Iconic One that is ready for customization? then download it from the button given below.

This child theme is the latest 2019 release which doesn’t use the import function.

  Iconic One Child Theme


– Responsive as parent and free

– Minimal, contains style.css and functions.php

– No CSS import as per the latest WordPress guidelines in 2019


How to use Iconic One Child theme?

Simply upload the iconic-one-child.zip via Themes -> Add New 

Your Custom CSS would go in style.css of this child theme and will load in front end after the parent Iconic One theme style.css for wide compatibility.  Similarly, your custom php functions and code will go in functions.php. You can freely try customizing without the risk of damaging the site installation with child themes. If anything goes wrong, simply delete the child theme and start over.

If you like Iconic One, do consider the Pro version to support us in its continuous development, you will also get a wide range of features along with priority support, one click copyright removal and lifetime usage license, check it out here: https://themonic.com/iconic-one-pro/



Iconic One has just crossed 550,000 downloads, totally with the word of mouth recommendations.
Download it now to see how it can help you by increasing traffic and revenue.